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we get closer to the party? How do I pay? His direct number is a The room we are using for the field trip is available to us for a limited time. A Do we need a kitchen for the field trip? A What is the ideal number of kids in your after school cooking program? Join us as we demystify some of the most confusing topics surrounding health and nutrition, and let us lead you step by step through each lesson on your journey to becoming a trained clean-culinary professional with this programthe very first of its kind focusing. You will receive a series of emails from The Real Food Academy after you make the deposit. . A How long before the starting time of my party can I arrive to set up?

Can I call and speak with someone; I have some general questions? This room is connected to to the room where your child is, but is separated by glass. We are located at 570 NE 81st Street, Miami, FL 33138 ( map ) a Can I bring my own beer or wine? We still you to tell us when you are coming to class. But if you feel our staff have gone above and beyond your expectations, gratuity will be greatly appreciated.

A, can I invite young kids as young as 2 years old? Classes can be 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration. We are located at 570 NE 81st Street, Miami, FL 33138 ( map ) a Will I Receive A Printed Copy Of The Recipes Made In Class? That said, we can usually get the job done in time regardless of the above circumstances. . Sign up now for more information! Yes, as long as they are accompanied by their parent who will provide their undivided attention to that child. A Do I have to bring my own glasses and cups? Not only is it an appropriate activity, we have found it to be one of the most gratifying for these students as well as for us! . How long will the event take? If you feel you need to arrive a full hour before your party time please call to inquire.

Our mission is to change your relationship with food the way you shop, cook and eat eschewing processed, packaged convenience foods laden with artificial additives in favor of real, whole foods that are as close to the source of production as possible, so you can. As far as noise makers goyou will be glad you left them at home as well. If your child has long hair, please have it pulled back and tied up neatly and pulled out of the face of your child upon arriving to class! The price of our cooking parties in 700 for the first 10 participants, and 70 per person thereafter. However, when there is a time limitation we appreciate knowing well in advance. A I just booked my field trip and entered an estimated number of kids. Load More Cooking Parties For Adults a Where is The Real Food Academy Located? Call Chef Arthur anytime with your questions. .