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with kittens. br/ br/ Now the guy's kind of getting annoyed and text comes up on the screen that says, "stop IT" (and you can totally tell that's exactly what the guy's saying). I have used paper mesh on my back porch many times and it has held up okay, but its really in a well protected area. The products we used for this tutorial will be in a kit while supplies last. You can start on the outer ring, but it really doesnt matter. After the kits sell out and even the exact products we used for this tutorial, we will leave the tutorial up since the basic instructions can still be followed and different products chosen for a similar wreath. Paper Mesh: The paper mesh we chose was an orange and white check product. br/ br/ The guy now (keep in mind, this all happens in the span of about 5 seconds) begs his friends to not go through with their plan, but they all just go dead inside and stare at him with probably the most chilling stare. If your roll comes up a bit short, it wont show. string test new string2; / test0 "Hello / test1 "World!

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Were not doing this for our tutorial today. Heavier objects will need more security to keep them from drooping down. The 10 pencil wreath actually measures 10 across the widest part but with the addition of other products, the finished wreath usually measures around. We watched her do a video where she cut her ruffle pieces in 30 lengths. However, since OP asked for the result "Hello World! Let the the paper roll up naturally on the table, smooth it out a bit and starting at the center of the cut edge (selvage edges to the sides) scrunch up through the middle gathering up the ruffle.

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In the accepted answer, in isn't best practice per its usage.
Ncat should have be used since OP included a trailing space in the first item: "Hello " (instead of using a null delimiter).

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