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of you have genius ideas for making your own mark on the worlds premiere CTF competition, we want your proposal. Posted.11.17 "Just like everything else, it's time for hackers to come in and tell you what's possible and what's not." -The Dark Tangent Judging from the headlines, it's a good time to figure out how secure our electronic voting machines are. Rule the Cryptocurrency wasteland.

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This is your chance to show off the project youve been hacking on, and get attention and feedback from the DEF CON community. Posted.6.18 DEF CON 26 is getting off to an early start this year, with our own Call for Everything opening in mid January. And the key element to pulling that together is YOU. Gain experience, level up, purchase new and more powerful armaments and upgrades and claw your way up the leaderboard. The DEF CON recon Village will also be joining us for the first Beta DEF CON in China, and their Call for Papers is open right now, so check it out! I want every shovelware disc that came out in the entire breadth of the CD-ROM era. Reported/Observed Harassment or Assault When an attendee reports harassment or assault to any Goon follow this procedure:. You have until April 1 to leave and impression and win the chance to speak to the best SE audience expedia flight only promo code anywhere.

When we started putting a compact disc full of slide decks and files into the DEF CON goodie bag, it was a perfectly good idea. Online reg remains open for those who prefer it, but please be aware that the standard DEF CON method of paying at the door works just fine. We found some and convinced them to come to DEF CON so you can meet them too!