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president of his high school class as well as being the school's star basketball player. Something Weird Video offers a decent (though damaged in spots) widescreen print on a double feature DVD with THE thirsty dead (1973). Mark arrives at the college, but can't find an open door to get inside. Needless to say, Andrew's plane crashes and I'll give you one guess where. (character actor supreme Denis O'Hare, who also supplied the film's opening narration the son of the film director, who was the drunk we saw in the audience. They mistakenly go over a huge waterfall in their canoe (How in the world did they not see it?) and when. Will he get away with it? . The girls are now on their own, with only their wits, tits and.45 to protect them. He has his arm hacked off while he is live on the air.

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During the cruise the prince ret urns to life and begins decapitating the passengers in revenge for the beheading of the woman he once loved. Jerry and his friends arrive at Slausen's Lost Oasis (all of them missing the "Closed To The Public" sign with a live vulture roosting on it!) and their Jeep suddenly goes on the fritz (since this movie was made before cell phones and their lack. Since this film is a fine example of style over substance ( THE texas chainsaw massacre 's Robert. He tells his trucker friends that Kathryn made him do it and that her face was on fire. They all gather at the academy only to find that they were the only ones invited. There is just something creepy and dangerous about an amusement park or carnival closed at night, especially the carnies and performers that live at the places, as they travel town-to-town (even the stationary ones are creepy when you visit them at night, something I did. A live Home Video Release. Their Manson-like leader, with the improbable name "Satan" (Enrique Larratelli orders one of the girls to take a knife and slice her between her toes, which she does. Think about the problems.).

Jenkins (Liza Weil; stir OF echoes - 1999 who prescribes her an anti-anxiety drug and threatens to recommit her if she gets worse. Also starring Gyorgy Szabados, Ann Maxwell, Mark Rambert, Faith Lowe, Frank Barber, Juliette Junot, Kenny Krall, Angie Linn and David Brass. Steven kills Keith and goes out for his revenge. While the film is rated R, the extras on the DVD have deleted scenes which include the extended and much gorier versions of the death scenes, especially the power drill and circular saw murders and an extended scene which shows that Rance Howard's character was. Helen Hewitt (Lorin Jean Vail) and her husband Bob (Scott Thompson Baker) fly from Los Angeles to Spain to say goodbye to Helen's dead Aunt Catherine (Dorothy Malone, a long way from her Academy Award-winning role in writte THE wind 1956, because all she basically. They shoot and wound her, then put her feet in stocks. Elvira is attacked by a dead and rotting monk in the graveyard, but Waldemar saves her by stabbing it with the silver cross.

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