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within UK Make do and Mend Leaflet.8 1944ed. Unused 2H pencil inscribed 'County Borough of P Dept.' Unusual and scarce. Postfree within UK Civil Defence Rank Chevron. Was initially established in 1917 and fulfilled the role that became the Timber Corps. Certificates were given to all who served in the Home Guard on completion of their service. Description of various vegetable crops and their best conditions for storage. Good, used condition, has been folded.

Coupons.Comic postcard published by Valentine's by the well known artist Mabel Lucie Attwell featuring her trademark children. This is the basic armband worn on joining, further service with the WLA indicated by the addition of diamonds indicating six months service. Illustrated with diagrams and b/w photographs the 74pg manual covers all major grenade types in service with the British Army as well as a section on German types. Embroidered wool on cotton WVS armband. The Civil Defence ' armlet ' was introduced in 1940 and on general issue from 1940. Of the Great Western Railway Magazine.

Mrs Sew-and-Sew Chart leaflet.8 ' How to Reinforce for Extra Wear.' Mrs Sew-and-Sew was a character thought up by the Board of Trade and was used as a vehicle to encourage thrift when dealing with wartime clothing shortages. ' Death over Haggerston ' - East London Blitz history. Within the Island Fortress.4 Mechanised Transport Corps.