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a medium (or material) to travel through. Electromagnetic waves are named for the fact that they have both an electric and a magnetic component. Show Details Exclusions, details: This is an offer worth sharing.

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EM waves propagate outward from the source. Select a subject to preview related courses: Sources of EM Radiation, electromagnetic waves are tough things to imagine. Stars and lightning are natural sources of radio waves, but these are also produced by the antenna on a radio transmitter. Details: Start shopping now to save! Moving further up the spectrum, we have ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays. This time we have to move the Slinky side-to-side. Identify man-made and natural sources of the different types of electromagnetic waves. In a vacuum, EM waves always travel at the same speed - the speed of light, which is roughly 300 million meters per second. You can see that in general, all of the electromagnetic waves are emitted from objects in space, and all of them can be produced by our technology.