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minutes from last week's meeting." "8:00.8:01.8:02." In the middle of all the epic events in part 2 of Lost 's season 1 finale comes Hurley's flashback to promo code getting on the plane. The person giving you the password warns you to get a pen and paper, because it's going to be long. An overlay for the first 20 seconds plots his journey on a map and then disappears and the rock music playing in the background eventually comes to a stop only to start playing a few seconds later. A dog is going after a criminal in a bear suit, who dives into the hole of a tree.

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Adrien : I didnt tell Marinette my identity after telling Ladybug my identity. See, people like you, think that the Devil lives on some jewel-encrusted surfboard, just floatin' in the middle of a wave pool, just readin' romance novels, and thinkin' about boys! You make it to be present coupon code the turning point in the hallway to find out it's gotten even longer. Denholm's son does this as his second ever action on the show with his sudden slapfight with the priest. Radio show and podcast Comedy Bang Bang features an overly long Renaissance-style musical introduction to the game "Would You Rather with host Scott Aukerman admonishing any guests who try to speak over it to "shut the fuck." In one episode of I'm Sorry. "tungee!" "Mistah and lady!" Referenced again when Francine's mother tells her that a wife should always laugh at her husband's bad jokes, in a way that seems like a Take That! If I were a fish, I would scream! Case in point: when he flees from you three times in a row, every time you ask him to wait. The death of Kinney, the unfortunate executive near the beginning of Paul Verhoeven's science fiction action film RoboCop (1987) was very much along these lines. Renée: I think Bradley would be perfect for that! Ha ha, two minutes of burping! Chowder's very, very long Spit Take upon hearing Panini declare herself Chowder's girlfriend.

One episode of Nichijou had a scene where Yukko is hit on the head by her teacher. It lasts about a minute, with nothing happening.